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LRW's plant-based protein takes performance to the next level. Veg-Out helps reduce recovery time, build, and maintain strong and lean muscle mass. Veg-Out is a complete source of premium plant-based proteins created from Pea, rice and quinoa.

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Perfect blend of plant-based proteins along with healthy fat and carbohydrates to replace a meal or help recovery after any type of work out. Turn baked goods into high-protein delicious snacks by adding a scoop right into your creation. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Easy-to-digest, great protein source for vegans, vegetarians and athletes. Designed to be suitable for ALL blood types. Great alternative to dairy and soy products. Rich in BCAAs and Medium Chain Triglycerides.
VegOut comes in a 2 pound container and contains 28 servings.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in

Vanilla, Chocolate



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Life Recovery Wellness specializes in protein powders, meal replacements and more. Our flavor selections, quality and customer support is second to none. Give us a shot and see for yourself what small business can deliver.
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